Baltimore Oriole Pl. #217
In addition to a Certificate of Authenticity, each print is accompanied by a booklet which includes Audubon's complete, personal description of the bird as found in the Octavos:
“No traveller who is at all gifted with the faculty of observation, can ascend that extraordinary river, the Mississippi, in the first days of autumn, without feeling enchanted by the varied vegetation which adorns its alluvial shores:--The tall cotton-tree descending to the very margin of the stream, the arrow-shaped ash mixing its branches with those of the pecan and black walnut, immense oaks and numerous species of hickory, covering with their foliage the densely tangled canes, from amongst which, at every step, vines of various kinds shoot up, winding round the stems and interlacing their twigs and tendrils, stretching from one branch to another, until they hive reached and overspread the whole, like a verdant canopy, forming one solid mass of richest vegetation, in the fore ground of the picture; whilst, wherever the hills are in view, the great magnolias, the hollies, and the noble pines, are seen gently waving their lofty heads to the breeze.” - J.J. Audubon, circa 1835

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Baltimore Oriole Only

Archival Photo Paper (8.5" x 11")

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Giclee English Coton Rag (8.5" x 11")

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