Sandhill/Whooping Crane (young)
Pl. #313 Limited Edition: only 300 will be produced and the first 18 prints of the life-size (24x36) will be signed by Roswell Eldridge, M.D.
In addition to a Certificate of Authenticity, each print is accompanied by a booklet which includes Audubon's complete, personal description of the bird as found in the Octavos:

“The variegated foliage of the woods indicates that the latter days of October have arrived; gloomy clouds spread over the heavens; the fierce blasts
of the north, as if glad to escape from the dreary regions of their nativity, sport in dreadful revelry among the forests and glades. Showers of sleet and snow descend at intervals... The Ducks and Geese have already reached the waters of the western ponds; here a Swan or two is seen following in their train, and as the observer of nature watching the appearances and events of this season of change, he hears from on high the notes of the swiftly travelling but unseen Whooping Crane. ” - J.J. Adubon, circa 1833

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Sandhill/Whooping Crane Only

Archival Photo Paper (8.5" x 11")

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Archival Photo Paper (24" x 36")

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Glicee English Coton Rag (8.5" x 11")

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Glicee English Coton Rag (24" x 36")

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