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Birds of America Index
An alphabetical guide to all 500 birds which appeared for the first time
in this 1856 Edition Octavo set of Birds of America.

Index Page
Avocet, American. - Bunting, Shattuck's.
Bunting, Braid's. - Duck, Canvass-back.
Duck, Red-headed. - Flycatcher, Least.
Flycatching-warbler, Hooded. - Grouse, Pinnated.
Grouse, Pheasant-tailed. - Hawk, Cooper's.
Hawk, Sharp-shinned/Slate-coloured. - Martin, Purple.
Mocking-bird, Common. - Plover, Kildeer.
Plover, Rocky-mountain. - Sandpiper, Buff-breasted.
Surf-bird, Townsend's. - Troopial, Yellow-headed.
Troopial, Red-and-White-winged. - Wood-warbler, Yellow poll.
Wood-warbler, Rathbone's. - Woodpecker, Hairy.
Woodpecker, Downy. - Woodcock, American.