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Printing and Pricing Specification

Roswell Eldridge MD, offers fine prints from his family’s seven volume 1856 octavo edition of John James Audubon’s Birds of America.  Octavo refers to the volume size which is one eighth that of the magnificent but unwieldy original double elephant folios. 

All five hundred prints, carefully reproduced in situ from pages 150 years old, are available in limited edition in two sizes, facsimile or life size.

The octavo-sized page with its hand colored print measures ten and one half inches in height and between five and three quarters and six and one quarter inches in width, the latter determined by how wide the volume may be spread safely for reproduction purposes. The page facsimile is printed on eight and one half inch by eleven inch archival-quality paper which in turn is double matted at no extra charge. The final size of the page facsimile with its attractive double mat is eleven by fourteen inchs and is ready for display -- as is, or after framing using a standard size frame with that opening.

Alternatively the birds may be returned to Audubon’s original life size in prints on archival-quality paper measuring twenty four by thirty six inches.

Each print is accompanied by an embossed Certificate of Authenticity and an Illustrated Booklet containing Audubon’s complete personal and scientific description of the bird. The Booklet is a unique feature of the
Eldridge-Audubon Edition.

There a is choice of two paper type: museum quality archival photo or cotton rag [Giclee].

Price is determined by print size, choice of paper and relative popularity of the print in the marketplace. Prices start at $90.00 for a double matted octavo size facsimile on archival photo paper accompanied by an embossed Certificate of Authenticity and a booklet with Audubon’s complete description. Proceeds from the sale of each print benefit the Eldridge-Audubon Octavo Initiative. John James Audubon was the most honored American naturalist of his day. (Audubon and Benjamin Franklin were the only Americans elected to the Royal Society, London, before the Civil War while Charles Darwin, in his major works, referred to Audubon more than all other naturalists combined.) Unrecognized today is the fact that only the octavo volumes contain both Audubon’s writing and art; nowhere else was he able to combine the two. Today less than 200 of the first 1200 complete sets can be identified. The relatively few complete sets remaining may be lost to posterity as they can be acquired at a modest price, the 500 pages with hand colored prints removed, sold separately for several thousand dollars in some cases and the text often discarded.

Today it is possible to reproduce fine prints from intact volumes as in this offering – the unique octavos are preserved.


The following is taken from Ron Flynn's 2007 review of the Eldridge-Audubon Edition and is part of his overview of eight octavo or folio editions (but not doube elephant folio editions) that were available in early 2007 at the folowing website:  http://auduboninfo.net/FO/FOeditions.htm 
"I received samples of both 8-1/2" x 11" photo and giclée prints of the Least Bittern...  I found both prints to be excellent, and even the tiny printed credit line were clearly readable on the somewhat textured Somerset paper. There are many fine watercolor papers used today to produce modern Audubon prints. If you have read my articles, you know that the Somerset Velvet paper is my favorite, and I have personally used it for many years. I also received a proof copy of the 24" x 36" print of the Whooping Crane - young (plate #314 now known as the Sandhill Crane). It was printed on the FUJI Crystal archival photo paper, which I have also personally used. I must say the print was stunning. The colors were bright, vivid and true. When these original octavo prints were scanned at high resolution, huge file sizes were created. This enabled the octavo size print to be blown up to 24" x 36". Because of the initial large file size, one would be hard pressed to notice any appreciable loss of detail in the blown up print.

Each print comes with a beautiful certificate of authenticity (COA) with a gold embossed seal affixed at the bottom. Perhaps more impressive is the wonderful booklet that comes with each print. The booklet contains Audubon's original text describing the bird(s) in the print, Also, there is a nice commentary on the Audubon Octavos, written by Roswell Eldridge. I also received a sample matted and framed octavo facsimile, which was superbly packaged with four layers of protection."

Royal Octavo Sized: 8.5" x 11"
Life Sized: 24" x 36"
Paper Types:
Archival Photo Paper
Giclee English Coton Rag
Tier One:
Royal Octavo Size - Archival Photo Paper: $150
Life Size - Archival Photo Paper: $300
Royal Octavo Size - Giclee: $300
Life Size - Giclee: $600
Tier Two:
Royal Octavo Size - Archival Photo Paper: $120
Life Size - Archival Photo Paper: $240
Royal Octavo Size - Giclee: $240
Life Size - Giclee: $480
Tier Three:
Royal Octavo Size - Archival Photo Paper: $90
Life Size - Archival Photo Paper: $180
Royal Octavo Size - Giclee: $180
Life Size - Giclee: $360

Add $9.00 for Shipping & Handling
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